19 September 2016


Congratulations to the 2018 MSO Hall of Fame Members!!!


Kurt Olzmann,  from Rochester, MI, has been involved with the Michigan Senior Olympics since 2008 and a strong advocate ever since.  The past few years has found him coaching swimmers at the Older Persons’ Commission, many who now are MSO swim participants.  He began swimming shortly after retiring with the simple objective of getting some exercise.  Since then he has set more then 20 MSO swimming records (age groups 60/65/70) and has been a  National Champion in National Senior games.  He began   swimming with US Masters Swimming (USMS) in 2015.  His current USMS resume includes 10 Michigan Masters Swimming records, more then 30 USMS Top Ten ranks, multiple All-American awards, 5 national records and 3 world records.    

Chuck Sochor, of Gowen, MI, began his running carrier when he was asked to run with the Grand Valley University Track Team at the age of 60 as an  honoree member  to provide motivation to the team.  He ran with them for 14 years!  Starting in 1989 he began to run in  Nationals and the World Champion, (Won the World Record for most Gold Medals (8) won at a single World Championship) which led him to eventually race in the West Michigan Golden Games and Michigan Senior Olympics. Chuck has broken  many records in his days of  running.  His greatest accomplishment was winning the gold at York University Toronto, Canada Meet.  He beat all the age groups in the 100-400. (No one has ever done that.) He won a   total of 23 National Championship titles and 12 World medals, including 6 gold medals at age of 71.




Janet Sanderson, from Quincy, MI, started cycling at the age of 65 after reading an article in the local       Midland paper about MSO.  After graduating from Western Michigan she married Marion Sanderson, (just  celebrated 60 years of marriage) and raised four children.  Janet has been  a swim instructor, 5th grade teacher, and currently a full time Farmer with her husband.  She still has time to cycle about 400 minutes a week with two rest days. Janet currently holds  8 state has participated in the MSO since 2001 as an Athlete &  Ambassador. Janet has displayed so much determination throughout the years that one year she fell and broke 7 ribs and still finished the race! After 6 years of pushing forward to the National games, she finally won gold in her division.

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