Q:  Where are the 2020 Michigan Senior Olympic Winter Games being held?
A:   A full list of games, times, and locations can be found on our website under the “Winter Games” tab, and select “Schedules”. 

Q:  When are the 2020 dates for the games?
A:  Winter Games – February 5-116, 2020 & Summer Games - August 7-16, 2020

Q:  Will the 2020 Michigan Senior Olympic Winter Games qualify me for Nationals?
A:  No, the 2020 Winter Games are NOT considered a qualifier for the 2021 National Senior Games in Fort Lauderdale, Florida (WITH ONE EXCEPTION)

***The Motor City Rollout Racquetball Tournament February 21-23, 2020 will count as the Racquetball qualifier for the 2021 National Senior Games.

Q:  What are the options for lodging?
A:  Please visit our lodging page under Winter Games.

Q:  How do I register for the 2020 Michigan Senior Olympic Games?
A:   There are multiple ways to register depending on your event.

  1. By Phone: Call 248-608-0250 or 248-608-0252
  2. Mail-in: Send completed registration form to:
  3. Michigan Senior Olympics
            Attn: Becky Ridky
            650 Letica Dr.
            Rochester, MI 48307
  4. Pickleball ONLY - www.pickleballtournaments.com
  5.  Dancesport - Call 248-608-0252 or print the forms and mail them


Q:  Where can I receive a paper registration? 
A: Paper copies can either be printed from the Michigan Senior Olympics website under “Winter  Games” and select “Registration”, or participants can call the Michigan Senior Olympics office at (248) 608-0252 and a paper copy can be mailed.

Q:  Will I get a confirmation of my registration? 
A:  Yes, participants will receive and email confirmation once their registration has been completed.

Q:  What is the deadline for registration?
A:  Registration Deadline: January 17, 2020

Q:  Can I get a refund?
A:  Yes, if you request a refund before January 17th there is a $5 administration fee that will be charged. No refunds will be given after January 17th without a medical waiver

Q:  How many out-of-state players are allowed on my team roster?
A:  There is no longer a rule limiting the number of out-of-state athletes on rosters.

Q:  How old must I be to compete in The Games?
A:  All competitors must be 50 years of age or older by December 31, 2020.

Q:  Do I need to purchase my own equipment? 
A:  Yes, all participants are responsible for their own equipment.


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