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About the Hall of Fame

The purpose of the Michigan Senior Olympic Hall of Fame is to recognize and honor outstanding athletic performances, as well as outstanding contributions made to the success of the Michigan Senior Olympics by athletes Board Members, and volunteers. The award will be presented to not more than 3 individuals each year. Nominations may be submitted by anyone, self-nominations are acceptable. The award may be granted posthumously.


Eligibility requirements:

  1. Must be a Michigan resident.
  2. Athlete, Board Member, or Volunteer for at least 7 years
  3. Athletes must have won numerous gold medals in Michigan Senior Olympics competitions
  4. Other considerations (not all required):

- Has exhibited good sportsmanship and citizenship

- Has been a positive ambassador for the Michigan Senior Olympics

- Has volunteered time and/or money to the Michigan Senior Olympics

- Has set a record in Michigan Senior Olympic competitions

- Has competed against at least one other athlete in most events

- Has well-represented Michigan in the National Senior Games


How is someone nominated?

  1. Complete the appropriate nomination form, providing the most complete information possible
  2. Include all appropriate supporting documentation (newspaper articles, testimonials, photographs, athletic records, etc.)
  3. Mail the above requested items to:

Michigan Senior Olympics

650 Letica Dr.

Rochester, MI 48307

All nomination forms and documentation must be postmarked by June 1 of the year they are to be considered. Nominations received after June 1 may be held over for consideration in the next year's nomination process. All nomination forms will be reviewed by the Executive Director to verify that the person being nominated meets the aforementioned eligibility requirements. If nominated but not selected, a nominee will automatically continue to be considered for selection in the ensuing years. Qualifying nominations will be presented to the Board of Directors for review and approval before being forwarded to the Selection Committee. The Selection Committee will consist of three individuals chosen annually by the Board of Directors, and will include at least one Board member. Successful candidates must receive approval of at least two of the three members of the Selection Committee. Presentations of the awards will be made at the Celebration of Athletes dinner held in conjunction with the following Michigan Senior Olympics competition.


Congratulations to the 2019 MSO Hall of Fame Members!!!


Lisa A. Hypnar, from Rochester Hills, has a diverse history as an athlete. While at Michigan State University, Lisa competed in gymnastics. She began to play competitive tennis at the age of 36 and continued through 2010. In her 40’s and 50’s she was Midwest tennis singles champion multiple years and was ranked in the top 25 in those age groups. She competed her first and last time in tennis in the 2010 Michigan Senior Olympics where she won both singles and doubles. In 2009 at the age of 55 she joined OPC swim team and began training. Although she learned to swim as a youngster she never swam competitively until the 2010 Michigan Senior Olympics when she swam 4 events, won gold in each event, and set 3 MSO records. Since 2010 Lisa has won 33 gold, 7 silver and 1 bronze and set 12 MSO records. Lisa has represented Michigan at the National level competing at National Senior Games since 2010. She was National Champion in 2015 in 2 events and National Champion in the 200 free in 2019. In 2019 she won 1 gold, 4 silver and 1 bronze at National Senior Games. She holds all-time Top Ten finishes for NSGA in multiple age groups and events. In 2012 Lisa became active in US Masters swimming at the State, National and International level. From 2012-2019 she has won 18 gold, 7 silver and 2 bronze at the State Championships. In 122 events swum within the US Masters from 2012-2019, Lisa has won 58 gold, 27 silver and 5 bronze.


Howard  Booth, three time World Pole Vault Champion, retired EMU volunteer pole vault coach, and EMU Emeritus Biology Professor has over the last 15 years competed in nearly every MSO T&F meet;  winning 22 gold,12 silver and 5 bronze      medals  while setting 10 records in pole vault (5) long jump, 50m, 60m, 60 hurdles, and the 300m. He has traveled to National     Senior Games of America 5 times winning pole vault, 4x100    relay, silver in  long jump and a total of 10 medals. In the NSGA  listings of All-Time Top Pole Vaulters he is ranked 4th . In world championships, he has vaulted for 3 golds,  run on Team USA for silver in the 4x100 relay and place top 10  in three other events. At world regionals  he has won 4 gold and a  total of 7 medals. Nationally he is  a nine time national pole vault champion, also winning 9 golds  collectively in long jump, sprints,  hurdles, and relays to earning a total of 60  national   medals. Howard has been the MSO ambassador to Washtenaw Co. for 10 years, twice represented MSO marching in the NSGA Parades of Athletes  and he with his wife Lu, had display tables in MSO’s Poster Session at Blue Cross Blue Shield Conference “dispelling the myths of old age” in 2018 as a life-long advocate of the principles of the MSO. Howard practices and preaches  participation for all, clean competition, friendship, sharing   and reinforcing a healthy lifestyle. Howard’s research, teaching, and speaking engagements strongly support this long, strong healthy lifestyle.


Janet Brady lives in Canton, MI, and has been involved with the Michigan Senior Olympics since 2009. She started throwing events at the MSO at the age of 51 and has won 164 medals in local, state, and national competitions.  She received the 2017 Canton Achiever Award for representing Canton, Michigan in sports. In 2016, she received the National Congress of State Games Adult Female Athlete of the Year and was the first Michigan adult to receive this award.  Also, in 2016, she won the Meijer State Games of Michigan Adult Female Athlete of the Year. Janet has been and is currently a Michigan Senior Olympics record holder. She received the 2016 Canton Community Support Award for all of her volunteer work in the Canton Community.  She won 31 Gold, 8 Silver, and 5 Bronze so far in Michigan Senior Olympics and participated in track and field events (hammer throw, discus, shot put, javelin, long jump), horseshoes, shuffleboard, powerlifting and volleyball. Janet has received 101 gold, 40 silver, 23 bronze from Canton Western Wayne County Senior Olympics (WWCSO), MSO, USATF, Meijer Michigan State Games, Canton Senior Game, State Games of America and National Senior Olympics. Janet has received letters, special tributes, and certificate of recognition for all of her accomplishments in sports from the Michigan Governor,  US Senator, Michigan Senator, US Congressman, and Michigan Representative.  Despite having no experience in track and field, she learned the basics from YouTube and suggestions from the other participants.




Kurt Olzmann,  from Rochester, MI, has been involved with the Michigan Senior Olympics since 2008 and a strong advocate ever since.  The past few years has found him coaching swimmers at the Older Persons’ Commission, many who now are MSO swim participants.  He began swimming shortly after retiring with the simple objective of getting some exercise.  Since then he has set more then 20 MSO swimming records (age groups 60/65/70) and has been a  National Champion in National Senior games.  He began   swimming with US Masters Swimming (USMS) in 2015.  His current USMS resume includes 10 Michigan Masters Swimming records, more then 30 USMS Top Ten ranks, multiple All-American awards, 5 national records and 3 world records.    


Chuck Sochor, of Gowen, MI, began his running carrier when he was asked to run with the Grand Valley University Track Team at the age of 60 as an  honoree member  to provide motivation to the team.  He ran with them for 14 years!  Starting in 1989 he began to run in  Nationals and the World Champion, (Won the World Record for most Gold Medals (8) won at a single World Championship) which led him to eventually race in the West Michigan Golden Games and Michigan Senior Olympics. Chuck has broken  many records in his days of  running.  His greatest accomplishment was winning the gold at York University Toronto, Canada Meet.  He beat all the age groups in the 100-400. (No one has ever done that.) He won a   total of 23 National Championship titles and 12 World medals, including 6 gold medals at age of 71.





Janet Sanderson, from Quincy, MI, started cycling at the age of 65 after reading an article in the local       Midland paper about MSO.  After graduating from Western Michigan she married Marion Sanderson, (just  celebrated 60 years of marriage) and raised four children.  Janet has been  a swim instructor, 5th grade teacher, and currently a full time Farmer with her husband.  She still has time to cycle about 400 minutes a week with two rest days. Janet currently holds  8 state has participated in the MSO since 2001 as an Athlete &  Ambassador. Janet has displayed so much determination throughout the years that one year she fell and broke 7 ribs and still finished the race! After 6 years of pushing forward to the National games, she finally won gold in her division.







Clara “Lulu” Gamble of Kalamazoo has been involved in the Michigan Senior Olympics since 1990. She has participated in various events throughout the years including Pickleball, Badminton, Racquetball, Powerlifting, and Track & Field. Lulu has also attended several National Senior Games competitions and represented Michigan by bringing home multiple medals. She also holds several state records in javelin and shot put. "The most popular kid on the block had a bat and ball.  I was not that kid. Few sporting activities were available in my youth especially if you were a "southern belle"." After my wage earning years I discovered the senior games and started to sample as many as available. What fun.  Wonderful friends surfaced. Aided by some super pals, I have had many experiences on the state and national level. Winning a lot of medals impresses my family and friends.  To me, they are reminders of good times and fun with a host of playmates.


Stan Koster, currently a resident of Zeeland, has always competed in athletics, including winning 12 varsity letters in three sports in the small rural high school in McBain.  He continued competing in numerous track and field events at Calvin College where he was a record holder in pole vault and javelin. In 2000 he returned to competition by competing in the Senior Olympics, focusing on the javelin, all as part of rehab from a bout with cancer.  Stan has competed in the MSO games 14 times, winning the gold every year except his first year. He holds the state record for age brackets (65,70,75,80).  He has also competed in numerous National Senior Games, winning the gold medal 5 times (2001, 2005, 2007, 2011 and 2015) breaking the national record in Houston in 2011.  He currently is listed in the top 10 national performances in three age categories (70,75, 80). And in 2005 Stan won the World Masters Games javelin competition in Edmonton, Canada. “MSO has been an important part of my life and I am most grateful for this.  At a time when I needed to refocus Senior Olympics provided an opportunity.  Along the way we have met some wonderful people who have enriched our lives in ways that likely would not have happened without these experiences.”


Manny Hauer is a good example of why a healthy active lifestyle is something for which we should all strive, Manny is 106 years old.  When asked for his advice for living a long life he always says walk daily, eat healthy foods, and limit red meat.  He said that the MSO played a large roll in his ability to implement his philosophy. Manny Competed at 100 years old and the last time at 101 years old.  He won a gold medal and set the record for 100+.  The Olympic committee had to establish a new category of 100+ for Manny.  He also holds the record for 95+ years old. The Michigan Senior Olympics gave Manny a focus for his life.  As soon as he completed one race he began training for the next year’s race.  He was an inspiration not only to those who competed in the Olympics with him but too many people in the community who know him.  His perseverance and resilience has been a wonderful example and inspiration to his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren and other family and friends.




Frederick Winter from Holland, Michigan is a U.S Navy Veteran who served during World War II. He has participated in many different sports while competing with the Michigan Senior Olympics. He has held multiple National Records  including Shot Put, Discus, Hammer throw, 50M run and 100M run. He made history while at the National Senior Olympics by being the first man over the age of 100 to complete the 100-meter run. He is also one of six individuals being  featured in a Chicago  museum exhibit focusing on centenarians from across the country. Frederick generously gives his medals away to those that are needy or deserving of them. He is a true testament to how far determination can take an individual.


Dorothy Comstock Ray was the type of individual that inspired everyone around her. After 33 years of teaching Dorothy retired and soon after was introduced to the love of walking. She started competing at the age of 70 with a quest for the Gold. At the age of 82 she had  already earned over 100 medals and represented Michigan in five National Senior Games. She held the records in her age group for Shot Put, Javelin, Discus, 1500M Run, 800M Run 400M Run and 100M Run at the age of 85. Dorothy enjoyed participating in the Michigan Senior Olympics and was a fierce competitor.






Michael Fiorillo competed for the first time with The Michigan Senior Olympics in 1985. He only missed 3 years due to injury and earned over 100 medals while competing.  He has competed in many different events including softball, volleyball, badminton, and track & field where he set the triple jump record in 2010 and he still continues to participate to this day. He spent many years traveling around to different competitions. He also spent much of his life starting programs for mentally and emotionally disturbed children in Michigan State Hospitals. Due to his instrumental work in starting the organization, MATEDC (Michigan Association of Teachers of Emotionally Disturbed Children) he was recognized with the “Outstanding to Service Youth Award”. He has seven children and   has been a member of Sigma Delta PSI, a National Honorary Athletic Fraternity, since 1953. Michael has changed the lives of     many individuals, and continues to do so everyday.




Hilary Goerge, from Lansing, MI, resumed his post-collegiate throwing career in 1984 and has been participating in MSO events since he became eligible in 1998, missing only the 2009 & 2011 meets.  He routinely sets age group records when he enters a new age group and currently holds 8 MSO records dating to 2001 in the javelin, shot put, discus, and hammer throw.  Hilary has participated in 10 events during 4 National Senior Games and has come away with 8 medals, including 3 golds in shot put and discus.  He set national meet records in the shot put in 2003 and 2005 and still has shot put distances ranked #2 & #6 in the National Senior Games Association Top 10 Performances list for the 55-59 age group and #2 in the 65-69 age group.  He also has distances ranked in the Top 10 for discus and hammer throw.  In addition to the MSO Hall of Fame, Hilary also is a member of the Alma College Hall of Fame as a member of record setting football and track teams.


Marika Blumerick has been an athlete since she was a teenager.  At a very young age, she lost her hearing, and sports were an area where “hearing” didn’t really matter and she could express her inner competitive passion.  In 2004, at the age of 60, she started to participate in    dozens of Michigan and   National Senior Olympics Games and other sporting competitions racking up well over 150 medals in various sports including discus,  javelin, shot put, basketball free throws, 5k Cycling Time Trail, Race walk, 100M Run, 50M Run, Powerlifting,   Pickleball, and long jump.





Jerry White has competed in many events every year at the Michigan Senior Olympics since 1993 (22 years).  He has won 53 gold medals in Track & Field, Road Race, and Race Walk events.  Mr. White has held state records for his age group in the 400 and 800 meter runs. 







MARYE MILLER - Marye Miller has been Chair of the MSO Board for 35 years.  She was one of the founding members of the  National Senior Games Association where she also served on the Board of Directors. Marye has volunteered many hours and dollars into keeping the Michigan Senior Olympics going for all these years.  We appreciate all her hard work and dedication keeping the MSO dream alive!






MARYE BOES - Mary Boes served as MSO Coordinator for many years. She always filled in whenever needed with a smile on her face as a sports coordinator and participant. We have the annual Mary Boes 5K Fun Run/Walk in her honor. Mary passed away in 2010 and is greatly missed.








ART & MARY HOLLAND - Art & Mary Holland from Grand Rapids, MI began participating in the MSO Track & Field and shuffleboard events since 1986 and Mary since 1988 with support from their family and friends. Together they have been champions all the way until Arts passing in May of 2005. Mary is still participating and breaking records in the MSO at the age of 90 years old.





JAMES KALES - James Kales from Whitmore Lake, MI is still participating in the MSO games at the age of 99. He has participated in Track & Field, Bowling & his favorite Tennis.  Mr. Kales has broken many state records since he began with the Michigan Senior Olympics. He will be celebrating his 100th birthday Sept. 24, 2014.





JERRY GAWURA - Jerry Gawura  from Canton, MI has been involved in the MSO Softball tournaments from 1988 until 2010.  She is also in the 2012 National Senior Softball Hall of Fame, USATF Master Champion, played in the 1988 National Senior Softball games, and won 1st in the USSSA 70+ games from 2002-2008.




WALLY DOBLER - Wally Dobler, from Lansing, MI has been in involved with the MSO since 1989 in Swimming and Triathlon. Wally is an current MSO Ambassador for Ingham County.  His Swimming resume reads 18 time All-American, 13 national records, five world  records, and 19 national championship meet titles since 1973.





LOIS KIVI NOCHMAN - Lois Kivi Nochman who currently resides in Rochester Hills, MI began swimming competitively in her early 60’s when she joined a Masters Swim group in 1988. She currently holds 39 MSO Swim records in three age groups dating back to 2000. She also has received the Michigan Masters Swimming Lifetime Achievement Award in 2007 and is in the US   Masters International Swimming Hall of Fame.









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